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February 3, 2023 by Jorge Ignacio Castillo

Anthony Shim’s sophomore effort Riceboy Sleeps received nine nominations and will be competing in almost every category in the next Vancouver Film Critics Circle (VFCC) awards, set to take place next February 13. Riceboy has been nominated for Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, Female Actor, Supporting Male Actor, BC Film, BC Director, and One to Watch (twice).

The coming-of-age drama will be facing another BC film, Until Branches Bend, nominated in six categories, and Clement Virgo’s Brother, nominated in five. Canadian festivals’ favorite, I Like Movies, scored four noms: Picture, Screenplay, Male Actor, and Supporting Male Actor. Eternal Spring, Canada’s candidate to the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Picture scored three noms.

Some notable names competing are Adam Beach, nominated in the Best Actor category for Exile, and Wednesday’s Percy Hynes White, competing in the Best Supporting Male Actor category for I Like Movies.

The winners of the VFCC Awards, Canada/BC section, will be announced at a ceremony to take place at the VIFF Centre in Vancouver next February 13.

Without further ado, the nominees:

Best Picture

Eternal Spring

I Like Movies

Riceboy Sleeps

Best Director

Jason Loftus, Eternal Spring

Anthony Shim, Riceboy Sleeps

Sarah Polley, Women Talking

Clement Virgo, Brother

Best Screenplay

Chandler Levack, I Like Movies

Anthony Shim, Riceboy Sleeps

Clement Virgo, Brother

Best Male Actor

Adam Beach, Exile

Lamar Johnson, Brother

Isaiah Lehtinen, I Like Movies

Best Female Actor

Grace Glowicki, Until Branches Bend

Hayley Law, Door Mouse

Choi Seung-yoon, Riceboy Sleeps

Best Supporting Male Actor

Aaron Pierre, Brother

Percy Hynes White, I Like Movies

Dohyun Noel Hwang, Riceboy Sleeps

Best Supporting Female Actor

Alexandra Roberts, Until Branches Bend

Marsha Stephanie Blake, Brother

Judith Ivey, Women Talking

Camille Sullivan, Exile

Best Canadian Documentary

Black Ice

Dear Audrey

Eternal Spring

One to Watch

Anthony Shim, Riceboy Sleeps

Grace Glowicki, Until Branches Bend

Dohyun Noel Hwang, Riceboy Sleeps

Sophie Jarvis, Until Branches Bend

Best BC Film

Riceboy Sleeps

Until Branches Bend

Doug and the Slugs and Me

Best BC Director

Teresa Alfeld, Doug and the Slugs and Me

Sophie Jarvis, Until Branches Bend

Anthony Shim, Riceboy Sleeps


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