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Ian Bailey – The Globe and Mail
Jorge Ignacio Castillo (Vice-chair) – Darpan, Planet S, Prairie Dog magazines, The Canadian Crew
Peter Chattaway – Patheos, Freelance
Julie Crawford – The Vancouver Courier, North Shore News
Thor Diakow – Citytv, News1130 Radio, Daily Hive
Ken Eisner – The Georgia Straight
Dana Gee – Global Television
Jim Gordon – CTV
Marsha Lederman – The Globe and Mail
Kim Linekin – CBC Radio
Tony Ma – Fairchild Media
Patrick Maliha – Freelance
Katherine Monk – Global Television, CBC, Corus, The
Terry David Mulligan – CKUA Radio Network, Tasting Room Radio, Broadcast Film Critics Association
Volkmar Richter – Vancouver Observer
Janet Smith – The Georgia Straight
Remy Vaillancourt – CBC/Radio-Canada
Dorothy Woodend – The Tyee


Dec 14, 2019 live vote at The Railway Stage & Beer Cafe. Clockwise from left: Tom Charity, Josh Cabrita, Lawrence Garcia, Janet Smith, Dorothy Woodend, Katherine Monk, Jim Gordon, Volkmar Richter, Peter Chattaway, Jorge Ignacio Castillo, Kim Linekin, Marsha Lederman, Ian Bailey. (Photo by Railway staff.)

2012 VFCC Awards at The Railway Club. L-R: Tony Ma, Peter Chattaway, Curtis Woloschuk, Janet Smith, Ian Caddell, Ken Eisner, Terry David Mulligan, Katherine Monk, Kim Linekin, Patrick Maliha, Glen Schaefer. (Photo by Elvira Lount.)

R-L: Dorothy Woodend, Remy Vaillancourt, Tom Charity, etc. (Photo by Elvira Lount.)

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