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Ian Bailey – The Globe and Mail
Jorge Ignacio Castillo (Chair) – Darpan, Planet S, Prairie Dog magazines, The Canadian Crew
Peter Chattaway – Patheos, Freelance
Julie Crawford – The Vancouver Courier, North Shore News
Trevor Dueck – CTV Morning Live (Vancouver)
Ken Eisner – Freelance
Dana Gee – Global Television
Jim Gordon – Our City Tonight – Bloomberg
Marsha Lederman – The Globe and Mail
Victor Lucas – Electric Playground
Tony Ma – Fairchild Media
Patrick Maliha – Freelance
Mark McLeod – Administrative member
Katherine Monk – Global Television, CBC, Corus, The
Terry David Mulligan – CKUA Radio Network, Tasting Room Radio, Broadcast Film Critics Association
Volkmar Richter – Vancouver Observer
Janet Smith –

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