Code of conduct


The reputation of the Vancouver Film Critic Circle is the organization’s most valuable asset. It’s up to the members of the VFCC to uphold and enhance this reputation.


The VFCC’s main goal is to honour film excellence through a full slate of international and Canadian awards. Our secondary objective is to share our knowledge with the Vancouver community.

Freedom of Expression

The VFCC is committed to support and encourage freedom of expression, in film and among the film press.


The VFCC will use its influence to support members whenever prevented from accessing the film materials required to do their job.

Conflicts of Interest

When in a situation of competing loyalties, VFCC members are expected to recuse themselves of participating in awards deliberations or situations that may present the appearance of conflict.


The VFCC expects members to refrain from engaging in harassing conduct and support efforts to eliminate this scourge. The VFCC reserves the right to suspend or expel members believed to have engaged in harassing behaviour.

Confidentiality /Outside Communication

Internal decisions will remain private unless the members of the VFCC explicitly agree to make them public.